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Toprie TP700 Paperless Data Recorder Multiplex Temperature Acquisition Instrument

TP700 Series Touch Screen Data Recorder mainframe can input 64 channels and expand the TP700 Series Touch Screen Data Recorder infinitely through the external module, which brings the structure of the main unit and the test unit into full play and realizes the lightness. When adding new equipment, the useless space of the operating disk can be reduced. In addition, the need to replace the recorder in the use process does not need to worry about insufficient space. Obtain environmental benchmark IP65 review. Depending on the setting environment of the recorder, it is possible to be exposed to oil, dust, and moisture, and the TP700 series can be used normally in such an environment. TP700 series touch screen data recorder has been widely used in all walks of life because of its rich display screen, flexible operation mode and powerful recording, operation, control and management functions. This product absorbs the advantages of various paperless recorders at home and abroad. It is a fully functional, easy to operate, reliable and cost-effective product with the application of ** display technology, microelectronics technology, data storage and communication technology. The input unit type is 8CH. The system can be structured according to the quantity used to avoid the waste of space financial resources. The host itself ** can be extended to 8 groups of units totaling 64CH, and can also be extended infinitely through the external module interface on the back of the instrument. And after purchase, we can also provide flexible design and change services, such as the number of modules you need to buy to increase the channel in the future, which can be directly used. The test input unit can be disassembled freely, which can reduce the setting time of wiring.

Support & Service

Test solutions & Applications

Technical Specification

AC/DC Power supply

85VAV~265VA 24VDC ±10%

Power waste

25VA(Actual power waste is related to the number of channel)

Channel  Qty

1-64 Channel 

Input single

Thermocouple:  K , E , R , B , N ,T , E , J , S , WRE5-26 , WRE3-25

Thermal:  Pt100 , Cu50

Current:      4-20mA,0-10mA,0-20mA

Voltage:      0-5V,0-10V,1-5V



Time  Interval

1-19999s  Self-sufficient setting

Record Capacity(68M)

days(64 Channels,1s record  interval)

36days(64Channels,1s record interval)

Record  method

Loop Record

Alarm Type

Upper and lower alarm. 4 each channel.Suprior limit, upper limit, lower limit, ultimate lower limit)


TP1718   8 Channels  normal  open relay module 250V AC/3A (Option)

Power supply

1channel 24VDC power supplyOptional multi channel power supply or 5VDC  power supply)


Standard RS232C(Optional RS485,USB Communication ,  Ethernet, and  GPRS wireless communication etc

Standard ModBus RTU communication rotocol

Working temperature


Working humidity

Lower than 85%R.H( No condensation

Storage Temperature


Storage  humditiy

Lower than 95%R.H(No condensation

Case Material 




Installation  hole  demension


TP1708ampling module technical specification

TP1708 Input model

Input type                  

Measurement Range                                     

Thermal Resistance


-200.0 ~ 650.0℃ 


-50.0 ~ 150.0℃  


500~ 1750℃ 

500 ~1750℃ 

500 ~ 1800℃ 

-50.0 ~ 1370℃ 

0 ~ 1300℃ 

0 ~1300℃ 

0 ~ 760℃ 





























TP1728 Input Mode 

Channels temperature and humidity   TP2300 digital signal humiture

Humiture -20-125℃ / 5%-95%

Model Selection


Standard Code



Input signal  8   channels


Input signal  16  Channels


Input signal  24 Channels


Input signal  32 Channels


Input signal  4 Channels


Input signal  48  Channels


Input signal  56 Channels


Input signal  64 Channels

Addition Specification

Alarm trigger point



Alarm output normally open relay 8 points


Output is not more thank 32

Switching value input



Switching value input points


Input is not more thank 32

Analog quantity output



4-20mA analog quantity output 2 channels


Output  is not more than 32

Calculate function


Liquid flow accumulate  calculate


Gas flow accumulate calculateTemperature and pressure compensation




68M Storage


128M Storage


2G  Storage




Mini. Printer*1




Audible and visual alarm*1




RS232C Communication


Ethernet communication


RS485 Communication

Input Signal of TP700 Series Touch Screen Data Recorder

Input signals include DC current, DC voltage, thermal resistance, thermocouple and remote pressure gauge, which are selected by keystroke input; isolation ** input without jumper.

* DC current: (4-20) mA, (0-10) mA, (0-20) mA

* DC voltage: (1-5) V, (0-5) V (0-10) V, (1-10) V

* Thermal resistance: Pt100 (three-wire system)

* Thermocouples: K, S, R, B, N, E, J, T, cu50

* Temperature and humidity: 2305 temperature and humidity probes can be used for direct measurement (temperature - 20 to 110 degrees) (humidity 20% to 98%).

* Other input signals or indexing numbers should be noted at the time of ordering.

External Power Supply for TP700 Series Touch Screen Data Recorder

* DC 24V power supply: used to supply power to the transmitter, the maximum load capacity is less than 200 mA; (optional lithium battery power supply) easy to carry.

Communication Printing Interface of TP700 Series Touch Screen Data Recorder (Optional Function)

* Photoelectric Isolation

* RS232, RS485 Standards, Ethernet Interface Noted when ordering

* Communication rates 9600, 19200, 57600, 115200 are selected by setting

* Supporting test software, providing configuration software and application software technical support

* Optional Modbus RTU Communication Protocol and Upper Computer Communication

Power Supply Conditions of TP700 Series Touch Screen Data Recorder

* AC 220V power supply instrument: AC 85 ~ 265V, power consumption less than 25VA

* DC 24V power supply instrument: 24V +10%, power consumption less than 25VA

Note: The actual power consumption is related to the number of instrument acquisition modules.

TP700 Series Touch Screen Data Recorder Environment and Others

* Operating temperature range: 0 ~50

* Storage Temperature Range: - 20 ~70.

* Working humidity range: less than 85% R. H, no condensation

* Weight of Instrument: Max. 2.8Kg

Contour and hole size of TP700 series touch screen data recorder

* In order to ensure safety, the connection must be made after the power is cut off.

* AC power supply instrument, its (PG) terminal is the common end of the power filter, with high voltage, can only connect to the earth, prohibited from connecting with other terminals of the instrument.

* The basic wiring diagram given in this specification is limited by the number of terminals. When instrument functions conflict with the basic wiring diagram, the wiring diagram shall be based on random description.

Shape size: 288*288*182mm (length*width*depth)


Functional Characteristics of TP700 Series Touch Screen Data Recorder

This product shows a large amount of information, friendly interface, simple operation, the following are the main features:

* No pen, no paper records, daily maintenance workload is very small, low operating costs;

* High brightness color 7 inch TFT LCD screen, CCFL backlight, clear picture;

* Using ARM microprocessor, the ** 64 signal acquisition, recording, display and alarm can be realized simultaneously.

* The 70 MB FLASH flash memory chip is used to store historical data and never lose data when power fails.

* Fully isolated ** input, can input multiple signals at the same time, no need to replace the module, through the software configuration can be;

* The numerical range of engineering data is wider, and it can display 5-digit values: - 9999 ~ 19999;

* It can configure and display the project location number, and the project unit has the accumulation of flow.

* It has flash alarm display, and indicates the lower limit, lower limit, upper limit and upper limit alarm of each channel; 12 relay alarm output;

* Configurable 8-point transmitter output, photoelectric isolation, error less than (+0.2%) F?S;

* The display accuracy is high, and the basic error is (+0.2%) F?S.

* Temperature and pressure compensation supports the input of compensation signal and the selection of constant. It provides a variety of compensation models, such as superheated steam, saturated steam, pressure compensation and other common compensation models.

* Built-in GB2312 Chinese character library, input using full spelling input method;

* It is equipped with four standard USB interfaces, which can transfer historical data quickly and conveniently with U disk, and can also access keyboard and mouse.

* Standard serial communication interface, RS485 and RS232C with photocouple isolation;

* Support standard ModBus RTU communication protocol (optional function), in addition to supporting the company's data management software, but also support MCGS, Kingview and other popular configuration software;

* With high quality ** switching power supply, it can work normally in the wide voltage range of AC power supply from 85V to 265V.

* Distribution isolation of transmitter DC 24V is provided.

* Ensure the normal operation of the instrument in harsh environment through EMCIII level

TP700 Series Touch Screen Data Recorder Display

* 7 inch color TFT display

* Digital display screen, bar chart display screen, real-time curve screen and recall curve screen are four basic pictures.

* The basic error is less than +0.3% F? S, and the range of digital display is -9999-19999.

* Measuring Resolution: 1/60000, 16-bit AD Converter

* Real-time curve recording interval 1 second to 9999 second step settings, corresponding to the whole screen curve time 30 seconds to 300 minutes

* Memory curve recording interval from 1 second to 9999 seconds

Functions & Advantages

7-inch color touch screen
AC85-265V/DC24V can supply power
USB interface to easily export data
Embedded installation 278*278 hole
Isolated universal input, multiple signal acquisition
Embedded handles are easy to carry


Hide embedded handles
Easy to pull and easy to carry


Folding door cover
Not only equipment but also industrial art


Independent power switch design, free to use


7-inch color touch screen
Let the work status at a glance
Human-computer interaction interface is concise and friendly


USB Interface - Mass Storage
Support multiple frequency bands for long time information collection
Import data into a USB flash drive by setting the time period


Support statistical analysis of data
Powerful PC software for data
View and analyze.

Interface Description

Modular design, convenient channel development

Hot-swappable I/O modules allow you to expand channels later! No need to send the instrument back to the factory, the purchase module can be directly inserted

HD display true color picture

Numerical Curve Bar Graph History Alarm

Powerful PC analysis software

Multi-machine communication database management computing upgrade alarm analysis docking IoT platform

Application area

Options & Accessories
Options & Accessories Instruction Images
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